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This minor is designed to prepare students for careers in advocacy, legal research, paralegal studies, and for those who wish to pursue graduate school in law. The Law and Society minor builds valuable critical thinking and analytical skills through the examination of legal systems, exploring philosophical, political, sociological, historical, and ethical approaches to legal issues. With a multidisciplinary approach that draws deeply on the liberal arts and social sciences, a law and society minor focuses on the law, legal institutions, and legal issues affecting society.

This is a 15-credit minor. Students must take all required courses. Students only need to take elective courses if they have not obtained the 15-credit minimum toward the minor due to exceeding the number of allowable double counted major/minor credits.

Note: For course descriptions for the Law and Society minor please see the respective department listings.



Required Courses Credits

BUS 2250 Business Law


CJ 2020 Criminal Law


CJ 3205 Law and Society


P&H 2310 U.S. Constitutional Law




Electives (choose as needed for 15 credits total)

CJ 2030 Criminal Procedure

CJ/SOC 2505 Environmental Law, Crime and Justice

P&H 1050 U.S. Politics

PRS 2210 Ethics

SOC 2510 Social Movements