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Communication Programs


Many students like to add a Communication minor while pursuing studies in another major. This is often a good idea for students, especially in areas like Business Administration, Psychology, Education, Criminal Justice, and Nursing to name a few.

A minor in Communication involves taking a minimum of 15 credit hours in Communication courses at the 2000/3000 levels with at least three credits at the 3000-level.

Minoring in Communication with a Concentration:

Students may also pursue courses in fields like Radio/Audio Production, Multimedia Journalism, Film, Television/Digital Video, and Video Game Studies, as a minor. Use the courses housed within the concentration in order to complete this type of minor.

Minoring in Theatre requirements:

COM 1410: Acting One or COM 2450: Stage Craft Concepts plus 12 other credits from within the Theatre Concentration.

Video Gaming Studies (Minor)

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Identify and explain current trends in videogame studies and the videogame industry.

  • Express themselves compellingly in written and oral communication.

  • Develop their skills in analysis, connection, metacognition, and design.

  • Situate themselves and their interests within a network of possible gaming careers.


COM 2641 Introduction to Critical Play

COM 2650 Game Design

COM 2655 Gaming Industries

COM 3645 Video Games: Theory & Analysis

COM 3656 Death & Games