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Curry College’s nationally recognized Program for Advancement of Learning (PAL) provides academic instruction and mentorship for college students with diagnosed learning disabilities and/or attention deficit disorders. The academic courses in the program facilitate students’ self-understanding and regulation of learning for strategic application and success at the post-secondary level. During the academic year, students work with faculty mentors whose educational scholarship and experience include transition studies, applied cognition, strategic learning, and emerging adult and adult development. Courses in PAL consist of curriculum with individualized approaches in the areas of metacognition, self-regulation, active learning, critical thinking and reasoning, decision-making, and language skills.

Admission to PAL is selective and requires additional documentation to be considered. For specific information on how to apply to PAL, please refer to the Admission section of this catalog. Students receive credit for participation in the first year of PAL and may continue in the program either full- or part-time, without credit, as long as needed. All PAL courses are graded on a Pass/Fail basis and carry an additional fee. PAL 1190 and 1200 are for students admitted to the Curry College PAL program.

Additional information about the Program for Advancement of Learning can be found in the Admissions section of the Catalog.