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The Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations is designed to prepare students to become Public Relations professionals trained in strategic planning, research, writing and presentation skills, social media, industry ethical standards, and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion understanding and implementation.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations, students will be able to :

  1. Describe effective leadership and management principles in the organizational settings that fit their career aspirations 

  1. Demonstrate understanding and development of a code of ethics, preparing them to apply ethical and legal judgment in their careers 

  1. Demonstrate proficiency in persuasive and motivational presentations and written communication 

  1. Demonstrate mastery of social media and other digital platforms to tell stories, build relationships with key publics, and monitor publics’ opinions and concerns through use of analytics 

  1. Apply diversity, equity, and inclusion awareness and understanding in research and campaigns documents.  

The Public Relations Program:


BUS 1000 Introduction to Business


GD 1500 Digital Essentials


PR/MRKT 2790 Principles of Public Relations


PR 2800 Publicity Techniques


PR 2850 Managing Public Relations in a Diverse World


PR 3440 Public Relations Case Studies


PR 3900 Public Relations Research & Campaign Design


PR 3540 Public Relations Internship


Public Relations Major Electives


Major Electives:

BUS 2100 Small Business Concepts 

COM 2760 Video Storytelling 

COM 2761 Digital Video Editing 

COM 2900 Multimedia Journalism 

GD 2500 Graphic Principles I 

GD 2575 Web Design and Development 

MRKT 2000 Marketing Analytics 

MRKT 2100 Digital Marketing 

MRKT 2520 Marketing Management 

MRKT 3000 Marketing Research 

PR 3050 Crisis Communication Management

SRM 1000 Introduction to Sport and Recreation Management 

SRM 2000 Sport and Recreation in Society 

SRM 2010 Sport and Recreation Administration 

SRM 2030 Sport and Recreation Facility and Event Management