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Requirements for Psychology Major:




PSY 1030 Introduction to Psychology


A. Students must complete the following required courses

Required courses Credits

PSY 2010 Orientation to the Psychology Major


MATH 1150 Statistics I


PSY 2050 Research Methods in Psychology (formerly Experimental Psychology)


PSY 3500 Senior Seminar in Psychology


B. Students must complete a total of 12 credits at the 2000-level and a total of 12 credits at the 3000-level, not counting the required courses above. Of these credits, 12 must come from the foundational courses listed below (i.e., three credits, or one course, from each foundation):

Foundational Courses

(One course in each of the following areas)

Biological Psychology/Neuroscience

PSY 2070 Motivation


PSY 3130 Brain and Behavior


PSY 3350 Health Psychology


Social/Personality Psychology Courses

PSY 2090 Personality


PSY 2800 Social Psychology


PSY 3225 Multicultural Psychology


Clinical/Counseling Psychology Courses

PSY 2200 Behavior Disorders in Children


PSY 2300 Abnormal Psychology


PSY 3120 Counseling Theories


Developmental Psychology Courses

PSY 1400 Child Development


PSY 2100 Adolescent Psychology


PSY 2400 Human Development


Internship Opportunities

The Psychology Department strongly encourages students to consider applied experiences in the major, especially the Psychology Internship (PSY 3450). An internship may be completed during the Junior and/or Senior year; although students may complete multiple internships if they choose to do so, only three credits will be counted toward the requirements for the degree.

To qualify for Psychology Internship, the following criteria must be met:

  1. Possess a GPA of at least 2.75

  2. Be a Junior or Senior in standing

  3. Have completed 12 credits of Psychology courses at the 2000 level or higher

  4. Contact and meet with the Psychology Department Internship Facilitator

Students approved for Psychology Internship must co-register for both (a) PSY 3450 (Psychology Internship) and (b) PSY 3450-SM (Psychology Internship Seminar).

Graduation With Distinction in Psychology

Qualified students may earn the honor of Graduation with Distinction in Psychology. To qualify for Graduation with Distinction, the following criteria must be met:

  1. Maintain a 3.5 overall grade point average (GPA) and a 3.5 Psychology GPA

  2. Obtain recommendations from two Psychology Department faculty (non-adjunct)

  3. Complete PSY 2050 (Research Methods in Psychology) with a grade of B+ or higher

  4. Complete, with a B+ or better, either (a) a 3-credit Psychology Internship (PSY 3450), (b) three credits of Independent Research (PSY 4000), or (c) three credits of Peer Teaching in Psychology (PSY 3400)