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PR 2790 - Principles of Public Relations - 3 credits

Fall and Spring Semesters

Publicity, propaganda, and spin are terms used to describe the public relations profession. Students will examine the evolution of public relations from its ancient roots to the modern day. Ethical and legal issues, as well as public opinion and research, will provide a framework on which to build an understanding of how public relations impacts individuals, organizations, and governments. The role of public relations and the media will also be explored. In addition, students will be introduced to specialty areas within public relations including special events, crisis communications, community relations and others. (Same course as MRKT 2790).

PR 2800 - Publicity Techniques - 3 credits

Fall Semester

The ability to conceptualize and produce a variety of written materials for print, broadcast and Internet-based media is crucial if you wish to succeed in public relations. This course focuses on “hands-on” application of public relations principles through training and practice in preparing basic public relations materials such as news releases, fact sheets, pitch letters and position papers. Students will create messages in a variety of formats for selected clients and create a plan for the dissemination of these messages through a network of mass and social media options.

Prerequisite: PR/MRKT 2790.

PR 2850 - Managing Public Relations in a Diverse World - 3 credits

Fall and Spring Semesters

This course introduces students to the complexity of managing a public relations function in today’s diverse environment. Students learn basic theories in management and strategic planning, examine the role of public relations management in organizational structure and decision making, and learn best practices in public relations and communication management. Case studies highlight industry sectors and explain the distinction between in-house and agency public relations management.

Prerequisite: PR/MRKT 2790.

PR 3050 - Crisis Communication Management - 3 credits

Alternate Spring Semesters

Students will analyze case studies and current events to explore how corporations and organizations respond to an operational or management crisis and how these organizations manage and resolve the crisis through effective communication with the media and other public audiences.

Prerequisite: PR/MRKT 2790.

PR 3440 - Public Relations Case Studies - 3 credits

This course focuses on specific areas of public relations practice including crisis management, employee communications, issues management and consumer product marketing to provide the student with an understanding of how public relations impacts an individual’s or a company’s success. Public relations case studies will be analyzed, dissected, and discussed.

Prerequisite: PR/MRKT 2790.

PR 3450 - Public Relations Internship - 3 credits

Fall and Spring Semesters

Provides students with hands on experience working in a field placement. Learning contract and reflection papers are required as well as weekly journals, seminar participation, and ePortfolio items.

Prerequisites: Appropriate cumulative GPA and signature of internship facilitator.

PR 3900 - Public Relations Research & Campaign Design

Students use research methods commonly employed in public relations to work in teams with a real-world client, developing a full public relations campaign in consultation with the client and presenting this campaign plan in a public arena. Students learn how to work with clients, manage conflict, exemplify leadership, and navigate challenges commonly found in public relations research and campaign development.