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Information Technology (IT)

IT 2212 - Cybersecurity Awareness - 3 credits

Offered periodically within a three-year academic cycle

This course will provide students with the knowledge needed to protect themselves and their devices from increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks. Computer security has many challenges to face today’s tech society. Does antivirus software protect us? What is and how do firewalls operate? Features inherent in Windows and IOS that can assist in prevention of attacks will be presented. Real-life user experiences, hands-on projects and case projects give students the opportunity to test their knowledge and apply what they have learned.

IT 2216 - Network Security - 3 credits

Spring Semester

This course provides a basic knowledge of information, computer and network security. Security principles and how to establish security baselines will be discussed. Students will learn about the technologies and techniques used to protect information assets from potential intrusion, damage or theft. The course will compare and contrast the counter-measures deployed by security professionals to thwart potential attacks. It will cover disaster recovery planning and business continuance measures. Students should have basic knowledge of Information Technology components.

Prerequisite: IT 2210 or permission of instructor.

IT 3450 - Internship and Seminar - 3 credits

This course is required for all students completing a technology internship and must be taken during the semester of the internship. Students must arrange an internship with the assistance of the seminar instructor. In addition to spending time each week on their internship, students will integrate their weekly on-campus course meetings and assignments, discuss practice based learning, review their internship experience, and document their learning in this weekly seminar.

This course meets the General Education Active Learning requirement.

IT 3800 - Topics in Technology - 3 credits

Spring Semester

This course is designed to have students explore and dis- cuss; through guided topics, the growth of technology in our society. Technology has a global impact on our world. The United States and other countries are working towards technological advances and also dealing with the Impact of technology on our economy, environment, and educational systems, to name a few. Students will read articles, watch videos, research topics and create journals in the form of discussion boards and blogging.

This course meets the General Education International/Global Interdependence requirement.

IT 3805 - Technology Seminar - 3 credits

Fall Semester

Technology seminar challenges students toward the end of their program of study to reflect, organize, synthesize, and communicate their accumulated knowledge concepts and skills learned in courses across the curriculum. This course will prepare students for their senior capstone project. The course will focus on conducting a literature review, identifying and summarizing IT related topics and collecting and analyzing data, proposal and analysis writing, research design, and presentation skills. Take part in various on-line seminars offered by professional organizations that target the changing needs in the IT field. Students will work as tutors for 1000 and 2000 level Applied Technology courses. Students will refine their major portfolios as well as practice and learn professional etiquette skills.

Prerequisite: 9 credits in AC or IT courses.

IT 3900 - Senior Seminar: This is IT! - 3 credits

Spring Semester

This capstone course integrates and synthesizes the various courses within the major or minor. Students will bring together the comprehensive knowledge of the technical functions of technology with the theoretical aspects. Students will use the concepts and theories they have studied to demonstrate mastery of skills by creating a unique project that integrates their knowledge into one project. Students will be reflective of past learning; they will determine how it can be applied within their field of study as well as how it fits into society and the liberal arts. Students will demonstrate expertise within their field.

This course meets the General Education Active Learning requirement.

Prerequisites: 12 credits in 2000/3000-level IT courses and senior standing.