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MUSIC (Minor)

The study of music is available to all students through courses in a variety of styles and levels offered by the Department of Visual & Performing Arts. Musicology courses focused on specific genres are designed to increase aesthetic awareness and promote active listening. Courses in music performance and private instruction develop individual potential, providing lifelong opportunities for purposeful social experience. Beginners are encouraged to participate.

Students may also declare a minor in music, to complement a major in any other area of study. The combination of a music minor with various majors may lead to graduate study and/ or careers in such fields as the expressive therapies or arts administration.

A student who decides to declare the music minor should do so through the portal. In addition to the requirements listed below, the faculty encourages music minors to elect an inter-area field experience that applies knowledge of music in a field placement appropriate to the student’s major. Many students have found this pleasurable and beneficial for further career opportunities. 

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Describe and analyze the formal elements of music as expressed in varied global practices. 

  • Identify and compare the repertories of varied global music traditions in historical and cultural context. 

  • Interpret music’s meaning and function within a broad historical and cultural framework.

  • Design and create original musical works and collaborative musical/multi-media projects. 

  • Perform as soloists and/or ensemble members in musical performance. 

Music Minor:


VPA 1000 Introduction to Visual and Performing Arts

OR MUS 1000 Introduction to the Study of Music, Culture and Society

OR three credits of MUS elective(s) at the 2000 level or above


Choose six credits (two courses) from the following:


MUS 2000 Western Classical Music

MUS 2050 Sound and Healing

MUS 2100 Traditions of Sacred Sound

MUS 2370 Jazz

MUS 2430 Music in Film MUS 2450 American Music MUS 2550 Music of the World

MUS 2450 American Music

MUS 2550 Music of the World

MUS 2610 Concert Going in Boston

MUS 2620 Global Popular Music and Media Cultures

MUS 2650 The Musical: Discovering Diversity

Choose six credits from the following:


MUS 1200 Introduction to Digital Music Production

MUS 23XX/33XX Private instruction in Music (any instrument)

MUS 2310 Rock Band

MUS 2309/2311/2313 Sing! The Curry College Choir

MUS 2315/3315 Small Ensemble/Band

MUS 2360 Music Theory: Songwriting

MUS 2700 Orchestra

MUS 2750 Concert Band

MUS 3350 Accelerando Chamber Chorale

MUS 4050 Independent Studio in Applied Music

(MUS 2310, 2309, 2311, 2313, 2700, and 2750 3350 can be applied multiple times for a total of 4 credits)