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Physics (PHYS)

PHYS 1200 - Physical Science for Educators - 4 credits

The purpose of this course is three-fold. One, it is intended to introduce concepts from the world of Physical Science as they are applicable to our life and society. Two, it is intended to shape the perception of students about how science works, how scientific research is performed. Finally, it is intended to model an effective pedagogical approach that students can use as teachers in their classrooms. The level of the coverage of science concepts is slightly higher than the level intended for the target student population to provide the teachers a broader view.

Prerequisite: BIOL 1057.

PHYS 2001 - Introduction to Robotics and Engineering Concepts - 1 credit

The objective of this course is to introduce education majors (up to the middle school level) to the field of robotics and stimulate their interests in science and engineering to prepare them to be able to do the same in their classrooms. In this course the process of engineering design (ED) provides a framework to deliver concepts in robotics, rather than being an independent part of the curriculum. The course leverages strategies in robotics using ED as a venue in the context of modeling and solving real-life problems that are linked to concepts in the natural sciences, therefore it complements the Physical Science for Education Majors course to meet the subject matter requirements of the MA Science and Technology/Engineering Curriculum Framework. As part of the learning process students are expected to develop skills to adopt and implement robotics projects in their classrooms matching their expected student age group. Also, the course is intended to model an effective pedagogical approach that students can use as teachers in their classrooms.

Prerequisite: PHYS 1200.

PHYS 2010 - Introductory Physics I: Mechanics - 4 credits

Fall Semester

Covers description of the physical world and measurement in Newtonian Mechanics: kinematics, dynamics, conservation principles, kinetic theory, applications. Lecture/discussion and laboratory. Fee.

Prerequisite: MATH 1190 or MATH 2130 or permission of instructor.

PHYS 2020 - Introductory Physics II: Electricity and Magnetism - 4 credits

Spring Semester

Introduction to electrostatics, electrodynamics, magnetism, direct and alternating current circuits; geometric optics. Lecture/ discussion and laboratory. Fee.

Prerequisite: PHYS 2010 or permission of instructor.

PHYS 4000 - Physics Research Proposal - 1 credit

Fall and Spring Semesters

Student preparation of a proposal for independent research under supervision. The student will read/investigate literature in the field; gain understanding of the nature of the problem/ question and methodology which will be used to investigate it; write up a research proposal which includes: 1) survey of relevant background literature and information; 2) rationale for investigating problem; 3) research plan including methodology (ies) to be used. Signature of faculty supervisor and department chair required.

Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.

PHYS 4010 - Physics Independent Research - 3-6 credits

Fall and Spring Semesters

Independent research on a topic of current interest. Apply principles of both literature and experimental (field or laboratory) and/or theoretical research under supervision. Research question/ problem in library, and/or lab on or off campus; write up research report; give public oral presentation to the Science faculty and interested students. Signature of faculty supervisor and department chair required.

Prerequisites: PHYS 4000 and permission of area instructor. Project must begin no later than fall of the student’s senior year. Students are strongly encouraged to begin thinking about their projects during their junior year.