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Social workers mentor and empower clients from diverse ethnic, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds while building meaningful professional relationships. Students will learn the importance of advocacy and become more aware and sensitive to people struggling with a variety of individual, family, and community/societal issues A semester long internship which will enhance their education by completing a practical field experience is required of all students.

Students can earn a minor in Social Work by completing 18 credits; three required courses (9 credits), one (3 credit) internship, and two elective courses (6 credits). One elective course will be selected from the Working with Individuals and Families category, and one course selected from the Social Welfare Systems category.

Requirements for the minor:


Required Courses:

SWK 2310 Introduction to Social Work


SWK 2410 Working with Individuals


SWK 3000 Advocacy in Social Work Practice: Community Organization, Management and Policy Evaluation


SWK/SOC 3450 Internship and Internship Seminar




Students must choose two electives; one from each category listed below for a total of six (6) additional credits

Students must pick one course (3 credits) from the following Working with Individuals and Families category:

SOC/PSY 2220 Death, Dying and Bereavement

SOC 2402 Domestic Violence

SOC 2620 Diversity in Families

SOC/SWK 3390 Crisis Intervention

Students must pick one course (3 credits) from the following Social Welfare Systems category:

CJ/SOC 2120 Restorative Justice: Community and Incarceration

CJ/SOC 2125 Resiliency Rising: Restorative Justice

SOC/SWK 2420 Working with Groups and Communities

SOC 2760 Wealth, Poverty and Social Class

SOC 3300 Sociology of Medicine and the Body

SOC 3600 Chocolate Cities