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Psychology Programs


Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. The Psychology curriculum at Curry College is designed to illuminate the biological, developmental, social, and internal mechanisms that influence our thoughts, feelings and actions. Students who major in Psychology at Curry College learn about the major areas of the discipline and have many opportunities to explore and apply their knowledge through a myriad of practicum and internship experiences. Students who excel may choose to be involved as peer teachers or may participate in on-going research in one of the few EEG/brain-imaging research laboratories located in a small college setting.

The knowledge and skills students obtained through our Psychology curriculum are useful in many employment settings and careers. Graduates of the Psychology program at Curry College are equipped to apply psychological principles to their careers and personal lives, as well as to pursue graduate training in Psychology or other related disciplines. The Psychology Department hosts an active on- campus Psychology Club, as well as a chapter of Psi Chi.

Students interested in majoring in Psychology are encouraged to take Introduction to Psychology (PSY 1030) and Statistics I (MATH 1150) earlier in their college career. Interested students are further encouraged to take Research Methods in Psychology (PSY 2050) and several 2000-level courses during the Sophomore year. Research Methods in Psychology equips students to understand, evaluate, and use empirical methods psychologists employ in their study of behavior and mental processes. The 2000-level courses survey and explore the core content areas within the field of Psychology and help prepare students for more advanced courses examining psychological topics in greater depth.

Psychology Laboratory

The Psychology Department has and maintains a Psychology Laboratory. The Psychology Laboratory is equipped with instrumentation, including an EEG machine and brain-imaging software, and other programs for studying topics related to human neuropsychology and psychophysiology such as brain electrical activity, cardiovascular function, and a variety of other phenomena.