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Course Levels


Courses introduce students to foundational concepts in the field assuming no prior college level exposure.


Courses appropriate for students with some exposure to the college regimen or to the discipline. Prerequisites may apply.


Upper level courses building on previous exposure to the discipline, most with prerequisites.


Senior level courses, most with prerequisites and required signatures. Includes independent reading and/or studies, internships, Honors Scholars, and practicum.

5000-Level and above

Graduate level courses.

Course Rotation

Each course description includes a notation of the offering cycle of the course to be interpreted as follows:

Fall Semester

generally offered every fall

Spring Semester

generally offered every spring

Fall and Spring Semesters

generally offered every semester

Alternate Fall (Spring) Semesters

generally offered every other fall (spring)

Offered periodically within a three-year academic cycle

generally offered within a three-year cycle

Every Year

generally offered annually, but in varying semesters

Alternate Years

generally offered every other year, but in varying semesters